Water & Sewer Division Charges and Fees

Water & Sewer Division Charges and Fees

New Account Setup Fee - the Commission shall charge a one-time connection fee of $50.00 for new accounts, payable by check or money order only. 

Water and Sewer Rates - The following monthly rates shall be charged for water and/or sewer services furnished by the commission: 

Administrative Monthly Service Fees
1st Account $35.00
Each Additional Account $15.00
Water usage per every 1,000 gallons or Fraction thereof $2.81
Sewer usage per every 1,000 gallons or Fraction thereof $4.63
Fire Protection (Facility sprinkler systems, hydrants) $36.00
Technology Fee $1.00

Please note: Annually, on October 1st there may be a 5% rate increase on metered services. If a rate increase is to take place you will be notified in writing 30 days prior to increase start date.  

New Utility Connection Fees
Based on the estimated water needs listed on the Application for New Utility Connection, and expected peak flows, the following rates are estimated for connection to our system. The actual costs to the new applicant will be determined by the Harrison County Development Commission’s Engineer and a written letter will be provided upon review of the completed application. 

Size of Tap and Meter Estimated Cost of Connection
¾” up to 2” $2,000.00
3” $3,000.00
4” $4,500.00

Any applicant who has performed their own water needs evaluation may request a desired service line size by submitting supporting data with their application.

Miscellaneous Fees and Charges 

Tampering Fee - Any tampering of Harrison County Development Commission’s property, utility equipment, or stealing of service is found it will be grounds for discontinuance of water and sewer service, as well as possible criminal charges. There will also be a tampering fee of $500.00 that will be applied to the account and will be due immediately.

Returned Check Fee - Any checks that are returned by a financial institution as Non-Sufficient Funds will be subject to a $25.00 fee that will be charged to their monthly bill.  

Penalty Fee - Each water and/or sewer services bill that is not paid within five (5) days following the bill due date, regardless of when the bill was issued or received, shall be considered past due and will be charged a $15 penalty fee.  

Non-Payment Disconnection Fee - In the event water service is disconnected due to an account being delinquent, there shall be a disconnection fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) added to the balance.  

Collection Agency - In the event a customer’s account has been disconnected due to an unpaid balance, for three or more consecutive months, the Harrison County Development Commission may refer the account to a 3rd party agency for collection at which point they will then no longer be considered a HCDC customer. 

Reconnection fees - The Commission shall charge a one-time reconnection fee of $50.00 for any service previously disconnected due customer request or due to non-payment. 

Online Payments - Our payment processor charges a fee of $2.50 or 2.5% of the transaction amount whichever is greater. This applies to recurring credit card payments, one-time credit card payments, and one-time ACH (eCheck) payments.